Donald Trump is now a contender for the presidency of the USA, with only, to put it kindly, career criminal Hillary Clinton in the way.

Trump is a new, fresh face on the political scene, although an old face on various TV shows, including World Wrestling Entertainment, so he’s well prepared and trained for wooing and entertaining audiences with unexpected stage craft.

With that said, the question everyone, Whites in particular, need to ask, is whether or to what degree, Trump is a tool of our mortal enemy, organized jewry?

(As an aside, for readers who are vague to clueless about “organized jewry” — its destructive significance in what has and is happening worldwide because of its actions over generations now — then your ignorance is your choice, given the information that is now out there at your fingertips. Ignorance is becoming rapidly less of an excuse.)

Has Trump become the Republican candidate simply by the force of his, “will to power” and desire to Make America Great Again, as he claims?

Or, to put it bluntly, is Trump a jew-tool?

My gut and considered opinion is that indeed, Trump is just that.

I think so because Trump has openly and proudly told us that, that is the case! He has on many occasions stated that he is completely, 100%, even 1,000%  behind jews, behind Israel. He has long been tangled up with jews in his personal, business and now political life. Jews have been and are his mentors, managers, mistresses, and now political manipulators.

So, how would Trump rebel against the hand that has fed him so generously as a Jew York based real estate developer? How would he be able to rise up against his jewish masters and then get such wonderful back-handed Main Stream Media support to this very day? Every day the jewish run MSM promotes Trump with back-handed criticism/promotion as a kind of “big bad wolf”, that is going to “grab pussy”.

The only reason that makes any sense is that Trump is being promoted by the media because he is their man. He’s in one corner of a wrestling match set against their other jew-tool, Clinton, for the “enlightenment” and entertainment of the rubes. May the best tool win.

Now, for good and bad reasons, probably and mainly from wishful thinking, there are many pro-White personalities and their websites that are promoting Trump excessively.

What they should be doing is exposing Trump, as a jew-tool, while also promoting any of his pro-White talking points.