Migrants walk on June 17, 2015 towards the ferry port of Calais, northern France. Around 3,000 migrants built makeshift shelters in the so-called 'New Jungle' before trying to go to England. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN        (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

The drip drip drip of Zionist jew white genocide is reaching its peak, but could this be only the tip of the iceberg?

If this continues across Europe then I feel our days are numbered. Watch out USA and Australia.

From my own experience, my own mother was mugged by blacks in London a few years ago, and two of her friends were also mugged on separate occasions. Plus her ex partner was beaten to the ground by black attackers whilst retrieving money from a cash point. He died shortly after from a brain tumour. The blacks concerned were not black migrants, but so called “black Londoners”. Well, that’s cultural enrichment for you.

I have nothing positive to add to this very negative situation as it seems that the cards are stacked against us, especially with all the brainwashed sheeple and only a few willing to speak out.

A Calais resident speaks out about how a Zionist jew controlled government has destroyed her home town.

This lady speaks the truth from her heart and it’s very sad. I’m sure her words echo what many here feel also.