I have been saying for the last several months through my rants, and through several other articles here at this blog that the so called „refugee” crisis that we have been inundated by the Jew spew media to believe is a serious situation, is indeed a sham and not as it seems…. I have also said that when it comes to the Syrian „refugee” crisis and the massive migration of both refugees and migrant workers into Europe and here in North America that we are not being told the truth and that something is seriously amiss…. I have smelled a rat and I suspect that there is indeed so much more to these „crises” that we are not being told……
Well, lo and behold, it does appear that the entire „refugee crisis” and massive migration that we are witnessing is indeed a sham… For according to an important report that was sent my way via an email  from the Elliot Lake News website, at, it appears that the migrant and refugees flooding into both Europe and North America are being brought into our countries on purpose by our own criminal governments and other associations under the lie that they could seek both money and jobs in our nations!   This is important reading for everyone, so I have the link to that article right here for everyone to see for themselves.. .I have  my own thoughts and comments to follow:
NTS Notes: Again as I stated before, when this „crisis” first started months back, I smelled a rat… I have said that there was far more to this „refugee crisis” that the Jew spew media continues to report than meets the eye, and I appears that I have been proven correct….
I do wonder though about the criminals behind the false reports via the internet and elsewhere saying that „Germany wanted them to live there” and the so called „Invitation to migrate to Germany”…. I said before that the organizations behind that sham were Jewish, and were most probably led by none other than Dr. Evil, ultra -Jewish psychopath George Soros himself and his so called „organizations”….. I have yet to find anything that proves otherwise…..
Yes, the Jewish master plan has always been to destroy White cultures in Europe by inundating those countries with these foreign migrant workers from both Africa and Syria….. It is written right there in their own Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion that their dream is to destroy their major enemy in their push for world domination, which is the Caucasian race…It appears their primary weapon of choice is to bring in these „refugees” as a form of human cultural bomb, and therefore destroy white culture in those nations as a result…. And the plan is so far working masterfully as we watch formerly great nations like Germany, Sweden, and even France and Great Britain, become cultural sewers thanks to the flood of „refugees” and migrants into those nations……
And of course one other part of the Jewish plan is to remove as many people from Syria as possible and therefore decimate that country and make it easier for both conquest and destruction…..That is part of Israel’s dream of having Syria destroyed in their push for their „Greater Israel” project and eventual hegemony over the entire Middle East…..
It is therefore no wonder that the liars in the Jew spew media is all on board with the false reports about these people being „refugees”, and of course using the false propaganda that they are needing our help…For again we know who controls the media!
And again, I have yet to have an answer to my big question that I constantly ask… If the Syrian nation is now being won back from the so called „terrorists” and the American/Israeli/NATO evil cabal, then WHY is Canada and other nations not doing the right thing and help and assist these „refugees” to return HOME TO SYRIA!   It would be far better than having them come into our nations where they would have no hope in hell of securing any work and therefore become nothing more than a burden on our already strained welfare system…. And of course it would be far better having them in Syria to rebuild that nation for themselves… So again…. SEND THEM HOME!
More to come