The Ugly Truth


Ed-note (Sabba) – War on jihadism = war on terror = war on Islam. Interesting to note who is calling for such war. As if they were the targets of these attacks. French Christians are not making such calls. However, it is them who are requested to go to war on ‘jihadism’: gentiles of Christian faith or Christian cultural background. So war on jihadism means preventing at any cost the only thing that would save us all: a Crescent and Cross Alliance.

For over 10 years now, French intellectual Alain Soral and comedian Dieudonné have been working relentlessly to build up such alliance (Egalité et Reconciliation). With tremendous and astounding success: these 2 men have millions of people following them, these 2 men have awakened millions of French people to the economic, sociological and religious reality of our world. The level of political and religious awareness in France, especially among…

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