The Return of the Divine Goddess

Gnostic scholar John Lash has put forth a theory that humanity is possessed by an off world intelligence called the Archons who are intent on destroying the world through their proxy, the Jews.   He proposes and interesting solution, we need to enlist in the Sophia’s sacred army and drive out the psychopathic predators.  I’m all in, this is a great myth, the return of the divine goddess, the rise of authentic masculine, and the end of Abrahamic religions.


Whether John Lash’s gnostic theory is actually true does not ultimately matter, all that matters is that we create a feminine counter force to the out-of-control Jewish male energy that is destroying the planet.  Israel is indiscriminately dropping bombs on defenseless women and children, this is absolutely at the extreme end of the male spectrum of dominance energy and a reversal toward balance or toward the divine feminine is now desperately needed.

Perhaps Archons are real, perhaps not – what matters is the Jew is the problem and we need a unifying myth to organize ourselves around.  We have reached a limit with the Jews, the world is now consciously organizing against the Jewish extremists, I believe there has been a reversal of the energy flow, and now everything will start to go bad for the Jews.  We the people of the planet, the 99.9% of humanity have had it with Jewry.

Lucy and Myth

In many of my other essays I examine why we even have myth and belief systems.  When you don’t know something your creative mind and can up with a story to explain the phenomenon within the natural.  For instance, imagine you are the Lucy Africanus Ape, your brain suddenly got big and you become rationally aware of stars in the sky.  What do you think you see?  Stars?  Not likely, you’ve never been to school or read a book or even have the language necessary to describe the lights in the sky, and what is the sky anyways?  To the newly self aware creature, it is all a mystery.


What is air, what is space, what is vacuum, what is anything you look at?  You don’t know and can’t know for another 1.5 million years.  What does your dog see when it looks at you studying your face?  The dog has a relatively big brain, but the dog doesn’t have your brain, the dog has a high degree of intelligence but it doesn’t have your intelligence, the dog can not see your world as you do.  What does your dog know when he jumps into your car and you go for a ride?

Lucy’s brain is 3x bigger than the dogs, but her brain is not yours.  What Lucy hasn’t is pen and paper or even the knowledge of how to write, no books at all;  but Lucy has an imagining brain, and with that brain she can tell a story of what she sees and experiences.  The big brain of the walking bipedal Ape imaging and translating the natural surrounding is the source of myth.  Myth is a plausible explanation for the natural world in a pre-scientific age.

The problem for the human ape specie is that we now have science and myth at the same time, on one hand we have modern weapons and on the other we believe in archaic tribal myth.  The result is the Gaza slaughter.  Are we nothing more than apes with AK-47’s?  Are we just meat bags that can be blown to bits, chattel on the Jew Goyim slave ranch?  Or are we divine beings subverted by the Jew book?

The Rise of Jew Ape Holy Book

We don’t need Archons to explain the Jew’s obsession with their holy book, we only need to understand why the holy book is so, so important to Mr. Jew.  His book is how he beat the other tribes, his book was the ultimate weapon in tribal rivalry.   The Bible was used to establish the Anglo-Saxon empire, and the Jew gained control of that empire and turned it against it’s creators, they used the Bible also, Jews used the Bible to take your White empire.


The Bible is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, as you are now witnessing in Gaza.  Not one Christian church condemns Israel’s slaughter of completely defenseless peoples.  Once you get the masses emotionally and intellectually hooked by the Bible, you can lead them anywhere so long as you lead with the book.  Your will becomes God’s will, this is what is so magical about the Bible, it is the magicians ultimate tool.

jews took america because of biblical belief

All of the West was captured by the Jew with his book, you are now property of the Jew tribalists.  How did that happen?  Divine will?  Or were you captured by the memes?  If you are Christian, are you possessed by Archonic energy or are you simply brainwashed by the Bible?  How do you feel about Gaza?  If you have strong faith you don’t hardly care, because your faith has cut your heart out and it can’t bleed for those suffering.

The Bible is installed by repetition, study, repeated indoctrination until the brain is wired to the Bible memes.  This inhuman indoctrination prevents the believer from seeing the world as it really is, because now the Bible program uploaded and filters all incoming information.  Whenever a believer sees something, they see it in the framework of the myth, not as they way it really is, so those being killed in Gaza are part of God’s plan, they are not being murdered by the Jew Apes.


Most Christians have no feeling about Gaza, they are Bible Zombified, they aren’t even real humans, having entered the Jewish simulacrum of unproved afterlife promises, their concern is like the drug addicts concern of finding another fix, uncaring about anything else, all they want is to remain pacified and unthinking.

What the Bible does is disconnect the human from their own feelings, which is a form of consciousness.  I have noticed that Christians are not concerned in the least to the suffering of Gaza, and they are also not fully conscious of reality.  So I hypothesize that the Christian myth is destructive to the specie, you can not be fully human and be a Christian, your divine energy is thwarted.

This has become a concern, modern males are unable to defend themselves from the predator Jews or the state, which the Jews mostly control.  The modern male is impotent, he turns the other cheek, he doesn’t get violent and beat the Jew Ape into submission or death.  That is a big problem, because the Jew Ape is perfectly willing to beat you to death, by his proxy police forces.  We need male warriors and the divine feminine to return and clean out this Jewish perversion of reality.

The Correction to a World Gone Mad

The bottom line is this, Archons or not, the Jews are traitors to humanity and must be dealt with.  The Jews are the cause of all this absolutely horrifying experience of being alive on a planet controlled by the Jew Ape tribe.  They must be stopped and their book must be destroyed.   The revolution will only be successful if the human mind is freed from the bondage of Jewish myth, no person should ever be allowed to practice Judaism again.

What is divine is what the Jew is not.  What is obvious is that Jews lack some sort of connection to the divine, thus their behavior is abhorrent to the rest of us, who are connected to source and can feel with our hearts.  The Jews are heartless bastards, the myth of Holocaust is blowing away as the bombs burst over the Gaza strip.  No longer can anyone feel sorry for the Jews, all their Nazi bashing is no longer believable as we see they are worse than the lies they told about the Nazis.

What everyone must come to realize that our collective problem is a Jewish problem.  Then we can take corrective action.  This can only happen to the Christianized West if they come out of the Bible spell, because as of now most of the Amerikan nation is behind Israel.